Lessons in Students' Homes

Occasionally when parents contact me they inquire about lessons in their home. I completely understand the interest in getting a guitar teacher to come to your home for guitar lessons. On the surface it may seem like you can get the exact same service without having to do any driving or commuting and all you have to do is pay a little more for a teacher's travel fee. 

For years I used to offer a house call service but since I have started giving all my lessons in one dedicated space I have been able to offer a lot more value to all my students and the families I work with. Instead of spending a huge percentage of my working time driving and coordinating travel logistics, I now can take that time to create useful lesson materials, programs, and services for my students. Instead of having to work with whatever materials I could fit into my guitar bag that day, I now give lessons with access to a lot of helpful equipment and a very large library of lesson material.

For example, in just the first few months of giving all my lessons in one location I came up with a new method for digitally organizing practice material and keeping parents in the loop about practice and progress. The system has helped students get a lot more organized with their practice and also makes sure that each week any new practice material suits their needs and levels more precisely. The result has been that students are able to make more progress in less time and then have a more positive and fun experience with the guitar. It's impossible for a teacher to implement helpful new systems like this if that teacher is spending so much time commuting to individual students and coordinating travel routes - there just aren't enough hours in the day! This is just one example of many changes I've been able to make since switching to exclusively studio lessons.

I recognize that coming to a studio seems like a commitment of time on the part of the student/family. However, studio lessons produce better results in less time, making them a much better investment. I have found:

  • Students tend to take music lessons much less seriously when the teacher is coming to the student's home, rather than the student having to come to a dedicated space just for learning guitar. Motivation to practice suffers greatly.
  • Young students in their own home are much more likely to be distracted by siblings, toys, pets, parents having conversations, which does not create a great environment for learning an instrument.
  • When the lessons are in the student’s home, the student doesn't have access to all the books, materials, and equipment that the teacher has available in the teaching studio.
  • Teachers that are available and willing to come to student's homes are typically young and inexperienced. A teacher that has time and availability to drive to every individual student's home is probably not in high demand, meaning that while they can give some instruction they likely don’t have a large number of students that are really loving the lessons, staying with them a long time, making great progress, and then referring their friends. 
  • When the lessons are in the student’s home, the student doesn’t easily get the opportunity to learn how to play music with other students, or be part of a community of guitarists who are trying to improve and learn the instrument.

In my studio:

  • Students work in a focused environment only for learning guitar
  • Students have access to a very large library of helpful material for all levels
  • Students get the opportunity to learn how to play together
  • Students work with a passionate, experienced, in-demand instructor that makes students' growth the number one priority!

All that being said, my studio is located in Jamaica Plain, with plenty of space, big windows, central air conditioning, and many coffee shops and restaurants nearby. Here is a link back to the contact form where you can set up a free introductory session for your son or daughter.