Below are a few video examples of lesson topics, filmed in 2010. New ones coming soon! If you'd like to hear me play, you can follow my instagram channel at jakeestner where I post short clips of things I'm  working on.

Left hand muting for rhythm guitar

This is a lesson on basic left hand muting for barre chords and power chords. This is an issue that comes up for most guitarists in their first year of playing but sometimes even a more experienced player might need a little review.

Picking Warm Up for Guitar

This is a warm up exercise intended to help with single-note improvisation, technique, and melodic versatility. This lesson will probably be most useful to guitarists who are already very comfortable with most of the basic improvisational building blocks - seven note scales (major, minor, melodic minor, etc), pentatonic scales, triad arpeggios, and seventh chord arpeggios.

I also had a short lesson feature for Soundslice software that you can see here