48 Hour Cancellation Policy:

You will not be billed for any classes that are cancelled with notice more than 48 hours of the class start time, but I encourage students to stay consistent with their time as much as possible as poor attendance doesn’t make for great progress with the guitar! Similarly, I appreciate as much advance notice as possible of upcoming conflicts.

If you cancel your class within 48 hours of the start time, you can apply that payment to a different class during that week, if there is one available, or to two classes in the following week.

If you cancel within 48 hours of the class start time, your payment for that class applies regardless of whether you were able to attend one of the other available classes.

Extra Considerations:

-The policy encourages students to prioritize their guitar schedule: to stay consistent with their scheduling, not miss classes, and by extension continue to make great progress with the guitar.

-There is a lot of preparation and organization time put into the classes, based largely on who is attending, and that time can’t be replaced. 

-Class sizes are limited, so reserving spots for individuals means potentially not being able to book other students in that class. Reserving a spot and then not attending on short notice can deprive other students of opportunities to take their lessons.

-Similarly, in the above scenario the studio would not earn revenue that it could have earned had the student given more advanced notice. 

Please consider your payments for guitar lessons as enrollment in the studio. You are paying not just for class time or lesson time but to benefit from a large process which involves a lot of preparation, research, and organization - not just the 40 or 55 minutes of face time for each class! By paying for classes missed within 48 hrs notice, you are paying to continue being part of this process and the studio.

Lastly, I love teaching guitar but I do have to manage my time, schedule, booking, and billing in a way that’s fair to all of my students and myself otherwise things fall apart and the quality of instruction I can give will suffer. The intention of all policies is for all students to get the most value out of lessons and classes and for the studio to be able to continue providing that value long term.