Tritone key center, spread triad etude

Interactive Soundslice Score at this link


I came up with this because I was thinking about modulations that I don’t normally use, and realized that shifting key centers by a tritone is definitely not something I’ve done much.

Being somebody who started learning about harmony while listening to grunge and instrumental rock guitar music, my ears often hear modal changes (from major to minor, or lydian to dorian, etc) or keys shifting in thirds. In most of the jazz standards I’ve learned, the modulations can happen in a greater variety of ways, but shifting key centers by a b5/#4 isn’t something I’ve come across much. (I actually can’t think of a standard tune off the top of my head that does so.)

Anyway, so when I looked at two two major scales that are a tritone apart, like F major and B major, I thought about what modes existed within each of those scales:

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 9.31.05 AM.png