"Jake is a great teacher. I've learned more in 6 months from him then I've learned in the past 20 years on my own. I just wish that I had discovered him sooner."

– Bill Meagher


Student Showcase And Testimonial: Tristan Geary


"My musicianship, technical playing skills, and understanding of music have increased so much over the past year and a half. I was working a lot with Jake on improvisation and I used to barely be able to get through a chorus of any song but now I have so many more musical ideas. I'm able to express myself so much better on the instrument than I did a couple of years ago. I feel now there's much more variety in my playing; taking lessons with Jake has opened me up to so many different ways to do what I like to do. The lessons have motivated me to practice, which not all lessons have done for me, and they've also made practicing really enjoyable. I look forward to the lessons every week."

–Tristan Geary, 18

"I knew the difference between playing the guitar and playing it well would be a teacher who’d display a passion for his craft and then instill it in me. Jake has an infectious energy and a curious mind, so he perceived my goals as landmarks for us both to work towards, while providing me with a sound foundation.

He gave me the confidence I could achieve what I set out for myself and don’t get me wrong, Jake doesn’t do the work for you – but he opens doors in your mind that allows you to see the answer without having to ask the question in the first place.

A teacher has to know his craft the same way a performer does, however he needs a selflessness to help the student get them to their goals, which in my mind is a very rare quality. This is the kind of person Jake is and why he’s an incredible resource.

Do yourself a favor and take a leap of faith, you've got so much to gain and a friend to make in the process."

– Justin Singh

"We had a great experience with Jake. My son, Owen started taking lessons with him when he was 12. Jake went with what Owen wanted to play - rock music - but made sure he learned good technique, how to read music, and understood the importance of rhythm. The weekly lessons prepared him well for his auditions with Boston Arts academy and Berklee City Music. He is now studying music in College. Two years ago my family gave me guitar lessons for my birthday-with Jake. I am still taking regular lessons with him and we have gone way beyond the 10 folk songs I played for the last 40 years. He is a great teacher and a wonderful musician."

– Matt LiPuma

"I'm a singer/songwriter, and had been playing guitar for about 9 years before I started taking lessons from Jake. One of the best things I did for myself and for my music. He does a fantastic job meeting you where you are, and helps set attainable goals. I've taken lessons the last year with him, and it improved my songwriting immensely. Couldn't be more grateful."

–Tory Silver

You can check out Tory's music at her website: https://www.torysilver.com/music

"Jake is a wonderful guitar teacher. I had the pleasure of taking lessons with him as an adult learner and have significantly improved because of his excellent teaching skills. If an explanation is not getting through to you, he has a million different ways of showing you what he means until you have an "Aha!" moment. He has developed very helpful technical exercises essential to learning proper guitar technique. However, what I loved most about lessons was that Jake always made sure to bring back the work to the importance of musicality and a simple love of music. He reminds you that it is about enjoying playing music, no matter what level a player you are, and gives you the tools to do that. He has excellent response time for scheduling and other communications; and always comes to lessons prepared. He also goes out of his way to supply helpful supplemental materials and videos and to write out chord progressions for songs you may be interested in learning. Jake is also a very talented guitarist and musician, who is dedicated and passionate about his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for guitar lessons."

– Mariel Brewster

"Pierce seems to have reached a new level with guitar where his confidence has grown and he's much more into playing and experimenting.  He seems to be really enjoying the lessons and playing with other kids."

-- Alison, regarding group lessons for her son.

"From the first day I met Jake when I began taking lessons more than five years ago it was apparent to me that music is his passion and that he is extremely dedicated to helping his students realize their full potential. He is an extremely talented musician and his teaching abilities range well beyond simply showing his students how to play basic chords; he has taught me to look at and listen to music in new and different ways that I otherwise would not have been aware of. He shares with his students his knowledge and insight into music theory and he has showed me how creative you can be with the music that I play. I look forward to learning something new every lesson. Jake takes the time to understand what it is that I want to take away from each lesson and what I am interested in learning about. He caters each lesson to my individual interests and what I need to work on. He is extremely patient and kind and he always looks for a way to explain concepts to me in a way that I can understand. I am the musician I am today because he encourages me to strive for improvement and it is because of him that I have discovered my love for music."

- Mairead Kean, 18, student for five years

"Jake can teach level by level and knows which level you are at. He is a very nice teacher."

– Sajan, 6, student for one year

"Jake is not only very good at playing guitar but can also teach it very nicely. He tries his best to give you songs that are at your level and songs that you like. He is also very patient with his students. I have learned a lot with him as my teacher."

- Rohan, 9, student for four years

"Jake is a wonderful teacher. I had always wanted to take guitar lessons but had never really had the opportunity despite many years studying viola as a child. My husband had never had music lessons of any kind whatsoever. We both began taking lessons from Jake in the summer of 2008. From the start, Jake asked and listened to what our individual goals are and developed lessons to help us each reach our goals. Part of what makes Jake such a great teacher is that he goes the extra mile to find out what music you're interested in and incorporates that into your lessons. I appreciate that he takes the time to tailor the lessons to me and to develop practice material that helps to keep me motivated. As a busy working professional and mother, I usually do not have as much time to practice as I would like. Jake is always an encouraging teacher and finds a way to help me to keep improving. I would highly recommend him as a teacher."

- Priscilla Yang

"Jake is truly a great guitar teacher. You can tell that he actually enjoys his job and that he is interested in teaching you how to play guitar. He always makes sure that you are learning about things you want to study; he is constantly asking what your goals are rather than choosing goals for you. In addition, he is a very good guitarist himself and knows a great deal of theory. If you ask him a question, his explanation is never lacking. He is understanding of the fact that people don't always have a ton of time to practice and he gives reasonable suggestions of things to practice between lessons. He is a really nice guy and he will help you learn to play the guitar in an enjoyable way."

- Matt, 16, student for six years.

"Jake is great. He is patient and gets a lot done at the same time. He is really encouraging. I have learned a lot from Jake and I look forward to my lesson every week!"

- Jack, 9, student for one year

"Jake is one of the rare music teachers who cares about his craft holistically. He tailors his lessons to you, taking into account your personality, learning style, goals, and interests. My lessons with Jake have covered a wide range of topics, all of them focused on helping me become a more well-rounded musician: even when I walk into a lesson and ask for help deciphering a King Crimson song, he easily breaks it down into understandable pieces, and relates it to other concepts that we're working on. Jake also takes health seriously, encouraging good form and posture, which has been immensely helpful given my propensity towards slouching. What really makes me enjoy lessons, though, is that I leave each one feeling excited about playing guitar, having learned something new, even if I missed practicing for a week!"

– Dan Luria

"Jake takes his teaching and his students (and their parents too!) seriously. He has well-established methods, but because he is so attuned to my son -- his interests, abilities and temperament -- he is always innovating and refining. The end result is a course of study custom-made for Amos that plays off his love of jamming and his dream of being a rock star but does not neglect the rigors of proper technique and ear training."

– Tamar Kupiec, regarding lessons for her 6 year old son



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