I made a list, with links, of all the solo guitar “chord melody” arrangements I’ve posted on instagram so far:

Chord Melody List

The list links back to the instagram posts and includes some brief notes about the approach of each arrangement. It also links to any soundslice notation if I’ve made any: there are about 50 arrangements total, and notation/tab for about 10 of them.

In the google sheet format I’ll be able to keep it updated as I make new arrangements.

I made this for when I want to quickly reference specific arrangement approaches for students and not have to search/scroll through every time. I posted about this in my instagram story asking if anybody would be interested in the list and I received a very positive response, so decided to make the list easy to access

I also included a second sheet in the link with some considerations about parameters and different approaches to making solo guitar arrangements.

There is a mix of jazz, pop, acoustic, electric, modern harmony, more conventional harmony and interpretations, etc.