Individualized programs, lessons, and resources for advancing guitarists.

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My online instruction is designed for intermediate or advanced players who want to experience clear, tangible progress as a result of their efforts in the practice room.

I focus on helping intermediate and advanced players:

  • Define attainable goals both short term and long term

  • Work with material, processes, and activities that will help them get closer to those goals as efficiently as possible

  • Create practice schedules, routines, and habits that are realistic! We’d all love to have 8 hours a day to play guitar, but in most cases it’s just not possible.

  • Become practical “problem solvers.” I’ve found that pushing past sticking points in musical progress is not always about simply working harder or practicing more. Often the solution is to isolate exactly where there may be gaps in knowledge or ability, and then work on very specific activities to address those gaps. I encourage players to look for solutions and think strategically.

Below are two ways I can be of help,

Hybrid Program

À La Carte Resources and Services

Hybrid Program

Please note: there is currently a waiting list for the “Hybrid Program,” (though there is availability through the a la carte services below.) If you are interested in the hybrid program, please fill out the contact form and I will send you more information as soon as there is an opening. When spots become available they are “first come, first serve” assuming it seems the program would be a good fit for the player.

I offer a unique, highly customizable, and individualized program designed to help intermediate and advanced guitar students:

  • Improve their improvisation

  • Understand the fretboard well enough to have easy access to their creative ideas

  • Develop a deep, usable understanding of chords, scales, and harmony

  • Learn and understand material from their favorite guitarists and musicians

  • Learn, utilize, and manipulate chord voicings to suit their musical needs (jazz improvisation, songwriting, etc)

  • Develop advanced rhythmic concepts

  • Improve ear training and sight reading

This is a program for individuals who want to advance their musical skills and be held accountable to make significant, tangible progress - not just learn tips, tricks, and licks! Unlike online lessons that simply provide pdfs and videos, in this program I stay in personal contact with students to give individualized instruction, create personalized practice programs, give feedback on their playing, coach on motivation and organization, and make sure they are moving forward towards their goals.

Even if you are not sure yet if this program would be right for you, I would love to hear from you and learn about your goals with the guitar, and where you may feel stuck or frustrated. If you're interested in improving your abilities on the guitar, please click here to contact me, and we can set up a time for a free phone consultation to exchange more information. It's very likely that even if I feel we would not be a good fit to work together, I can make a recommendation for resources for you to check out to achieve the goals you have with guitar.

If you are interested in something less consistent, or possibly you wanted some direction on a specific topic, (or if the hybrid program is currently full,) consider the à la carte option below.

À La Carte Resources and Services

Through the à la carte options I can offer help addressing the same issues I discuss above regarding practice and musical topics. The à la carte options work well for guitarists that:

  • Are stuck on a specific issue (for example: voicings, improvisation in a specific style, a certain right hand technique, etc) and want to push past a plateau.

  • Don’t know what the “next steps” might be for advancing their playing or musicianship and want some new ideas, approaches, or perspective.

  • Have budget concerns that prevent them seeking more consistent instruction with a teacher.

  • Would like to work with me in my hybrid program but are currently on the waiting list.

The à la carte options are very flexible. They can range from sharing written or video material I have made for those in my hybrid program, which would be at a very low cost, to short term personal arrangements that involve assignments, submissions, feedback, or simply booking my time for a skype or studio lesson.

The best way to get started in this process is to contact me through this form. If you can think of one specific issue you might like my help with, please say so in the form. That will allow me to present a few options for material or services I could provide to address your issue. If there is nothing specific that comes to mind, no worries! Describe what you can about your playing and anything you’re struggling with, and I will take it from there.

I will present some options for help that range in price and involvement and we can discuss if any of those options seem like the right fit for you.

"Jake is very committed to his students and to guiding them step by step through the learning process. He has has an approach that both challenges and encourages me and allows me to grow without being overwhelming. He is truly a gem and an excellent instructor. The program is well worth the investment!”

Vonds Dubuisson

Here are some messages from students:

"Jake is a wonderful guitar teacher! He is kind and methodical, and has helped to reinvigorate my love for the guitar. If you’re ever feeling stuck or wondering what is next, I highly recommend studying with Jake!"

Will Johnson (check out Will's great playing here)

"I was strumming through the changes to "Misty" for the first time in a couple months before bed and I noticed a big difference in my comfort with basic drop 2 voicings and with "playing through a tune". The material and assignments you've been providing have super helpful for me in a short period of time! I'm getting much better at a lot of these basic concepts, so I'm excited to see where it goes."

- Adam Janka

"I went to that Acoustic Jam Weekend I was tell you about this past weekend. I had an amazing time, attended a lot of workshops and was up until 2:00am jamming. We had a concert on Saturday night and I was in one of the groups that performed. I did a guitar solo in front of 125 people! That was the first time ever playing lead in front of a group! Thanks to you!"

Mike Skrip

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