Who are these lessons for?

Please note that I do not accept all new inquiries as students. Lessons in my studio (or online) are not for everybody, and that's ok! If I feel we may not be a great fit to work together, I will be happy to refer you to another studio or teacher that I think might be more appropriate.

For adult beginners, I work best with people who are curious about building their skills with guitar and music, and open to go through a process that can be challenging, but definitely enjoyable and rewarding. Many of my adult students have full, busy lives so I am totally understanding of the limitations on personal practice time. I just ask that students are open to learning new things and tackling some challenges. I teach both acoustic and electric guitar and have a lot of experience teaching adult beginners to strum popular songs and learn the practical fundamentals of playing the instrument well. 

All kids ages 5 and up are welcome to meet for a trial session if they are ready to come in with a good attitude, open to take some direction, and willing to to try some new things that they may not get perfect the very first time.

I work best with parents that are open to having some involvement in their kids' lessons. That does not mean nagging their kid to practice or hovering over them during the lesson, as both of those things are discouraged! It does mean being willing to have conversations with me from time to time to problem-solve issues that might come up in the lessons, and being supportive and encouraging of their child as they are trying to build their musical skills. It's also very much appreciated when parents can be responsive to emails about scheduling and other logistics.

For intermediate or advanced players, I work best with students that come to me seeking structured methods to help them make tangible progress in their playing and musicianship.